[Trailer] Taken 2


Masih inget dengan aksi Liam Neeson di film “Taken”? Keren kan? Nah, dia bakalan muncul lagi di film “Taken 2”! Film ini bakalan dirilis 5 Oktober 2012 mendatang, kalo di Indonesia sih gue ragu bisa rilis taun ini juga. Mengingat belakangan ini makin banyak aja film luar yang jamuran karna kelamaan dirilis sama 21 cineplex…

Anyway, gue barusan aja liat trailernya di channelnya Joblo Movie Network di youtube. Di kolom komentar, gue nemuin tulisan yang lucu hahaha~

Tulisannya: When I saw the title, I was like, “This bitch is dumb enough to get kidnapped again?!” then I watched it and was like, “oh, it’s her mom this time…”

Hahaha, kocak! Buat yang penasaran bakalan kayak apa filmnya, ini dia trailernya~



  1. Mills : i don’t know who you are, i don’t know what you want.if you’re looking for ransum, i can tell you i don’t have money. but what i do have are very particular skills. skills i’ve acquired for a very long career. skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.if you let my daughter go now.it would be end of it.i won’t look for you, i won’t pursue you.but if you don’t, i will look for you. i will find you….and i will kill you

    Marco : ….Good luck

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