Cinema Alone is Back!


… But maybe not with reviews of movies that I watch at the cinemas…

It’s been a tough month for me! As you can see, I haven’t written any movie reviews since my last review, Argo, on April 3, 2013. The last time I watched a movie at the cinema was Iron Man 3 at Blitz Megaplex in Grand Indonesia (I forgot the date, but it’s around the first week of its release).

Anyway, I will continue writing movie reviews to keep this blog alive. However, with my upcoming plan of moving somewhere that has no cinemas at all (unbelievable and unbearable, huhuhuhu), reviewing the latest movies released would be impossible for me. So, I am going to write movie reviews of those that I don’t watch at the cinemas. I currently stocked my laptop with a bunch of movies to watch and review later, so you’ll read them in like weeks or months to come. They could be old movies or not-so-old movies that I haven’t watched yet. Hopefully, the reviews will be as much amusing and beneficial to you like those of new-released movies I reviewed (oh, were they amusing enough to you?) in the past.

Before leaving for that no-cinema country, I’d try my best to visit the nearest cinemas and watch as many now-playing movies as I could. In the meantime, thank you for visiting Cinema Alone and please regularly visit this blog for more movie reviews from me~



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